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Wening Cintron Gravitates towards Cybersecurity, Ai, Web3 and G Suite Apps for Business. Wening is highly knowledgeable and skillful in Business Administration, Data Analysis, Web3, Business Finance, Accounting, Customer service, NYC Lic. Real Estate Sales, Marketing, Rich Media, Art of NFTs and Business Fashion Design, with outstanding qualification interpersonal, Spanish and English communications skills to ensure customer satisfaction are met at its best standards. 


M Plus G Investments, Fort Lee, NJ — Management 05/ 2010 - 05/2022 

10+ yrs. Excellent knowledge of Web3 business development, RIT’s Data analysis and media marketing. Strong work ethic, knowledge of administrative functions of Business Finances, Management, Crypto Currency and development. 

Bob’s Furniture , Secaucus, NJ — Sales Associate. 09/2019 - 08/2020 

Business development customers call, Sales Associate, Greeting visitors, Educating customers about the features, financial services and benefits of our products in order to increase sales. 

TOYOTA Dealer, Hackensack — BDC Customer Service Dept. 12/2015 - 10/2018 

Business development customers cell, answer/set up service appointments, present/inform customers of marketing material for the month and services. 


Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificates - Coursera 09/2023 - 11/202023 

Foundation Of CyberSecurity 

Connect and Protect: networks and Networks Security Tools of the Trade: Linux and SQL 

Assets, Threats and Vulnerabilities 

Play it Safe: Manage Security Risks 

Sound the Alarm: Detection and Response 

Automate Cybersecurity Tasks With Python 


Hard Skills: 

Data Analysis using 

Google Analytics. 

Time management 

tools, Accounting 

accounts payable & 

receivable, SQL Tools, 

Linux, Tools, Planning 

using creative tools, 

creativity, maintenance 

plan/goal Marketing 

using media marketing 

tools, corporate 

Bookkeeping, and 

personal recording 

financial transactions 

purchases, sales 


Soft Skills: 

Communication Social 


Customer Service 8yrs 

in the customer service industry. Ability to Work Under Pressure 

decision making

G-Suite and Cloud Partner, San Francisco CA — Apps Certify 05/2017 - 05/202017 

Cloud partner apps certify for G Suite for business. New School/Parson School, New York, NY — Fashion Design 05/2000 - 08/2003 

AAS in Business of Fashion Design. 

Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY — Business Admin 09/1990 - 05/1995 

AAS in Business Accounting Administration. 

Department of State License, NY, NY — NY Lic. Sales Agent 02/2006 - 05/2019 

New York Licensed Sales Agent, NY Certify Property Management and Certify Real Property Law Article 12-A. 

PROJECTS Real Estate Online. 

Is an innovative Web3 Business connecting the right audiences in today’s Real Estate mobile market. Its focus is on connecting Buyers, Sellers and investors in today’s online Mobile Business Real Estate Market. Real Estate Online Marketing. 

My enthusiasm and motivation has always allowed me to meet new challenges while adapting quickly to new environments. 

References Upon Request. 

Leadership intuitive joyful, Self-motivated Leadership 

and joyful personality Decision Making 



Adaptability to wearing the proper hat at a different time in the business/Teamwork collaboration. Creative as a Fashion Designer inclines individuals open to new ideas and creativity. 


Proficient in English, Proficient in Spanish.


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