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Cover Letter

Wening M Cintron Dear Sir or Madam:   I am very interested in exploring an employment opportunity within your organization. As can be seen from my enclosed resume. I offer a substantial amount of experience in the field of Understand the importance of cybersecurity practices and their impact for organizations. Identify common risks, threats, and vulnerabilities, as well as techniques to mitigate them.  I am certified to Protect networks, devices, people, and data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks using Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools. I have gain hands-on experience with Python, Linux, and SQL.  Knowledge of Data Analysis, Data Entry, apps, Accounting, Real Estate, Rich Social Media, creative Marketing, Fashion, and Business Administration with outstanding qualifications.  Experience has proven me to be a hardworking, responsible and dedicated individual with extremely strong work ethics. Utilizing excellent interpersonal and communications skills, I inte

Wening Cintron About Me at BrainTrust Connect with Me #BrainTrust gravitated towards real estate thanks to great inspiration from her mother, a real estate property/landowner in the Dominican Republic, and inspired by a community that co-founded an organization that has led the way in the reconstruction and changes occurring in parts of the Bronx today, Nos Quedamos [We Will Stay] Group. This combined with her experience in investing, Today’s Mobile business Technology, Finance, and property management, deep love of architecture, and multi-cultural background make Wening a results-driven business Investor with the knowledge, passion, and tenacity to help and connect every business client succeed. Highly personal and intuitive, Wening’s honesty and trust in her commercial real estate clientele’s investment needs by being a good listener, strong communicator, business-oriented, connections, and dedicated advocate. Complementing her extensive market insight are vast i